I had wanted to fit in.

In my aim to please, I bent down to their feet.

To put them at ease, I gave the other cheek.

I had become a captive of my own undoing, placed in a box where my soul was sobbing. It wasn’t free.

The price I paid for fitting in was too much, way too much.

For years my spirit cried. Until one day, it whispered, “I need to break free, or else we would die.”

Break free it did, and the soul soared high. 💜


I’ve always been fascinated by the coconut tree. Elegant in its simplicity; humble in its might. Yes, the tree that looks like a weakling can hold its ground against any storm. 💜 #tropics #philippines #appreciationpost #nature #coconuttree #palmtrees #belikethecoconuttree #tularanangpunongniyog


imageIcing a cupcake and learning a new skill 😀



Take Three Challenge | Week 4


Take Three Challenge | Week 4



Cherry On Top




“Lost in love and I don’t know much.

Was I thinking aloud and fell out of touch ?”